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Welcome to the home page of UAW Local 6888, representing over 300 Office Professionals at Central Michigan University.  CMU's Office Professionals first organized as an independent union in 1968.  In 1988, we joined the UAW.  The rest has been history in the making!  Click here to view a timeline of Local 6888.

Local 6888 is committed to securing economic and social justice for our members, as outlined in the principals of the International UAW. Our goal is to uphold the American standard of living according to the needs of our members and to strive for dignity in the workplace.

This site is dedicated to bringing accurate and up to the minute information to our membership. 

Our new scholarship application and cover sheet are now available for you to print. Go to the Governance page and click on Standing Committees. You will find the PDF documents under "Scholarship Committee". Or follow this link.

Campaign for the Summer Months

We are collecting items to help our soldiers in the warm weather months. Non-aerosol bug repellent, medicated foot powder, lip balm, and moisture lotion are some items our soldiers really need in warm weather. Our platoon has also said that they really appreciate pads of paper and pens because those items are hard to get where they are located.

There are approximately 40 male Soldiers in our US Army Platoon.  They are deployed from Texas to Afghanistan until sometime in October 2014. Our Soldiers live in 8-10 man tents, use bottled water and have 110V generated power.  There is a very small PX Store with a limited supply and a Chow Hall is available with designated hours, but unfortunately it may not be open when they are able to eat. Our Platoon does Force Protection, Quick Reaction Force, and Combat Patrols (Infantry).  Please know the support and letters you send are worth their weight in gold!


Collection sites:

    ABSC 250 (Judy Hudecz)

    Anspach 106 (Sue Sova)

    Anspach 288 (Betty Lewis)

    Foust 100 (Tara Novak)

    Dow 203 (Gayla Overton)

    EHS Suite 200-Charter Sch (Lori Andersen)


    ET 100 (Karen Bellingar)

    Health Prof 1220 (Jill Ferguson)

    Health Prof 2219 (Deb Neubecker)

    Moore 340 (Joan McDonald)

    2520 S Univ Park Suite D (Barb Torpy)



THANK YOU for continuing your generous donations to our soldiers!


New OP Titles

Local 6888ís membership and executive board members were in agreement that the terms "secretary" and "clerk" were archaic and did not adequately describe the work performed by office professionals. In addition, the work performed by a vast majority of office professionals incorporates both secretarial and clerical duties. As a result, a committee was formed to look at office professional titles and job descriptions. The committee has finalized their study and the membership has approved their recommendations. While these new titles are not included in our current contract, the University has told Local 6888 leadership that we may use these titles in our written and electronic correspondence, and may refer to our positions using these titles. Click on the links below to view the new titles and job descriptions.

OP4     OP5     OP6     OP7


Union - an alliance formed by the joining of many people for a common purpose.


This site was last updated on 06/13/2014.   Contact Local 6888's Web Master.  

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